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With P/T wood, I never gap, I always install tight. Then they shrink and a small gap is left. With composite, I use a regular, common 16d nail on ever joist. Nail the new deck board, place nails on the other side, repeat till done. I was going to buy deck spacers, but for the cost of one space I

The Saw Guide is for widening the space between deck boards

The Saw Guide makes it easy to widen the gaps between deck boards that are too close together. With the Saw Guide you'll be able to make precise smooth cuts along the sides of deck boards to widen the gap between them.

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Even considered the circular saw but the kerf doesnt widen the gap enough Enlarging a deck gap I think the circular saw may work better than you

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Composite deck gaps to Can we use small circular saw while protecting the two board with some kind of a metal sheet and do The gap between two boards

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How did they nail the deck down? I assume that you are cutting between the boards to widen the gap, why not just rip the required width from one board for each seam?

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If the gap in between the deck boards is too narrow use the Saw Guide by Lounsbury Products. This circular saw attachment will make it easy to widen the gap.

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Every handyman needs to widen deck boards. Too close together deck boards can is to widen the gap between boards to allow hand Circular Saws and is

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The apparatus is used in conjunction with a circular handheld saw to more precisely widen the gap between two deck two deck boards. The circular handheld saw is

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If I use a circular or jig saw to Deck board spacing problem; can I use a saw to run a thick saw blade between the boards to neatly widen the

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Cutting gaps between deck boards I've got the TS55 plunge saw and a 55 guide, and I'm thinking of lining the guide up along each pair of boards,

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The deck construction wasn't correct when the deck was You can absolutely widen the gap with a circular saw. One Response to Deck Construction Correction Tip.

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You can make small rough cuts using a cold chisel and sledgehammer Photos 2 and 3 , but the better choice is a circular saw with a special blade.

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before Carbide blades came into common use I sharpened circular saw blades run the saw down both sides of the deck gap to widen it Enlarging a deck gap

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Most composite deck manufacturers recommend use of a spacing tool when installing you can take a circular saw, Deck Board Spacing Solution. Tom Kraeutler Staff.

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A simple solution to the problem is to widen the gap between boards Lounsbury Products offers the THE SAW GUIDE for the Circular Frequently Asked Questions.

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If your Decking is too close together to install the Deck Protector properly then use this innovative Circular Saw attachment. The Saw Guide helps to widen the space between deck boards or straighten the ends of mismatched boards making Deck Protectors properly fit for waterproof protection of the floor joist.