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“In her past four years serving on Council, Sumi Kailasapathy has been a steadfast friend and champion and we are deeply grateful for her exceptional public service. When it comes to protecting parks, Sumi provides a critical, strong and independent voice in emphasizing an issue central to our organization.  She looks out for the environment and raises a voice for residents protecting our natural systems and open spaces. Sumi has been our stalwart champion on issues where it counts, and willing to talk truth to power on environmental issues that matter, protecting our natural systems from over-development, calling for accountability on environmental protection, and championing aggressive action on the Gelman 1-4 dioxane plume.”                                                                                                   — Sierra Club, Huron Valley Group and Sierra Club, Michigan Chapter

                  Sierra Club Press Release 2016                                      Sierra Club, Michigan Chapter

“The Washtenaw County Skilled Building Trades Council is pleased to annouce its endorsement of Sumi Kailasapathy for Ann Arbor City Council, Ward 1. We believe Ms. Kailasapathy will continue to fight to futher the goals and protect the rights of our members and their families.”  — Kevin Groeb, Secretary-Treasurer

Washtenaw County Skilled Building Trades Council Press Release


Michigan Building Trades Political Endorsements

HVALF Endorsement SK 20160707

Huron Valley Area Labor Federation

“I am very pleased that the HVALF has endorsed Sumi. She is a fighter for working people, not only in Ann Arbor but internationally. We need more people like her in elected office to move us pas the failed policies of the neoliberal era.”  — Ian Robinson, President Huron Valley Area Labor Federation (HVALF)

“Because we both believe in the importance of transparency in government and the Open Meetings Act and FOIA, her vote to publicly release the City’s train station emails is a great example of why I think Sumi Kailasapathy is a wonderful Ward 1 representative and as a Ward 1 resident I’ll be voting for her reelection in the upcoming primary August 2nd.” — Stephen Lange Ranzini, University Bank, Ward 1 Resident

“Sumi Kailasapathy has proven herself to be one of those rare elected officials who is unshakably committed to social justice and human rights.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                           — Dwight Wilson

“Sumi is my elected 1st ward representative, and she has ALWAYS placed a priority on governmental openness and transparency for the benefit of her constituents.  Her tenaciousness does not always make her a popular person around the council table, but she consistently earns my deep admiration and respect. Sumi is up for re-election this year folks, and the primary is August 2.  Please get out and VOTE.  There are big issues coming up of major concern to city taxpayers, and we need Sumi on our side.”   — Cindy York, Ward 1 Resident

“Sumi always works hard on behalf of her constituency.  She has supported preserving the character and value of our neighborhoods during her entire tenure on City Council. Her votes support issues which are important not only to our historic residential neighborhood, but also to the entire city of Ann Arbor.  Sumi has earned another term to serve us all.”   — Jeff and Chris Crockett, Old Fourth Ward Historic District, Ward 1 Residents

“Sumi has been a fierce advocate for transparency, fiscal responsibility and attention to social and environmental concerns. I love her honesty, her intelligence and her willingness to take controversial stands. Please join me in re-electing Sumi to City Council.”   — Laura Strowe, Artist, Ward 1 Resident



Agnes Reading
Alice Ralph
Amrita Joshi
Amy Seetoo
Anand Ramasamy
Andrew Strowe
Ann Edwards
Ann Lyzenga
Ann Schriber
Anna Schnitzer
Anne Bannister
Ashok Patel
Barbara Levin Bergman
Ben Dahlman
Bitsy Lamb
Bob Johnson
Bitsy Lamb
Bobby Frank
Braxton Blake
Carlene Colvin-Garcia
Charles Lewis
Christa Chambers Price
Christine Crockett
Cindy York
Claudius Vincenz
Danny Ignacio
Dave DeVarti
David Blanchard
David Cahill
David Deguzman
David Elghammer
David Lyzenga
David Potter
Dawn Bizzell
Denise Frazier-Daniel
Diane Kreger
Douglas White
Dwight Wilson
Ed Steinman
Edward Shaffran
Eleanor Pollack
Elleanor Crown
Ellen Bauerle
Eric Lipson
Eric Sturgis
Ethel Potts
Eugene Senn
Eva Forman
Frances Wright
Freda Herseth
Gaurang Shah
George Gaston
George Kachadoorian
Giri Jogaratnam
Gita Patel
Glenn Thompson
Gopal Prasad
Greg Colvin-Garcia
Gwen Nystuen
Harish Patel
Ilene Tyler
Indu Devi Prasad
Ing-Fei Cherng
Jack Eaton
Jagan Kakarala
James Billingslea
James Daniel
Jane Klingsten
Jane Lumm
Jane Michener
Jeff Crockett
Jeff Hayner
John Cherng
John Lumm
John Maguire
John Nystuen
Kala Ramaswamy
Kathleen Baxter
Kathleen Stroud
Kathy Borris
Kathy Clark
Kathy Griswold
Kay Holsinger
Kim Kachadoorian
Kim Winokur
Kinnari Shah
Krish Narayanan
Lakshmi Kakarala
Lakshmi Raman
Lars Bjorn
Laura Strowe
Lauren Unger
Leslie Morris
Letitia Kunselman
Libby Hunter
Lidong Huang
Lou Glorie
Louis Brinkman
Lounes Rabhi
Luanne Bullington
Lucinda Shelton
Maggie Sturgis
Mala Rajaram
Margaret Schankler
Marian Williams
Mary Hall-Thiam
Mary Hathaway
Mary Underwood
Maurita Holland
Meenakshi Tyagi
Melodie Arnett
Michael Brinkman
Michael Martin
Mike Anglin
Mindy Frank
Mitra Dunbar
Munira Hussain
Nancy Elder
Nancy Kaplan
Nancy Sturgis
Nandakumar Reddy
Narayani Anand
Naresh Gunaratnam
Nathan Qi
Neptune Keshavari
Norm Tyler
Odile Hugonot-Haber
Patrick McCauley
Paul Valacak
Peggy Rabhi
Peter Eckstein
Peter Nagourney
Pradeep Attibele
Pramod Sharma
Priya Eswara
Rajaram Subramaniam
Ram Mahalingam
Randy Dishman
Ray Detter
Rebecca Senn
Rick Nowak
Rita Loch-Caruso
Rita Mitchell
Robert Dascola
Roselyn Deguzman
Ross Dunbar
Roy Hunter
Ruth Nace
Sahba La’al
Sailesh Tyagi
Sandra Shriman
Sarah Byers
Shama Patil
Shelia Jensen
Shirley Zempel
Soma Venkat
Stephanie Sethi
Stephen Lange Ranzini
Stephen Kunselman
Stephen Reading
Sujit Pandit
Surabi Rajaram
Susan Greenberg
Susan Perry
Susan Pietropaolo
Susan Senn
Susan Wineberg
Susan Wright
Susanne Maguire
Swapna Reddy
Taha Hussain
Ted Annis
Thomas Zempel
Tim Colenback
Tom Zeimet
Usha Jindal
Valerie Powell
Vasudeva Murthy
Veena Patel
Vince Caruso
Vivian Armentrout
Warren Williams
Wei Zeng
Wendy Carmen
Will Hathaway
William Quinn
Yousef Rabhi



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