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Sumi & Sons

Sumi, her husband, and their two sons have lived in Ward 1 for 19 years.

Sumi Kailasapathy with AAFD members

Council member Kailasapathy has repeatedly voted in support of proposals aimed at bolstering our safety services.

Sumi Celebrates 4th of July

Walking in the Ann Arbor Fourth of July parade is an annual event for Council member Kailasapathy.

Sumi Works With Her Colleagues

Collaborating with her colleagues is how Council member Kailasapathy gets the job done.

Sumi with President Obama

Thanking President Obama for empowering all people to run for public office.

I am pleased to represent Ward 1 residents on Ann Arbor City Council.

Candidate Information

Stay tuned for 2016 Candidate Forum information.

Meet Sumi

Welcome. Thank you very much for visiting my campaign web site.

Council Member Kailasapathy Works To Overturn Percent For Art Ordinance

In Council, I questioned whether it is legal to divert money from our water, sewer and road millages to pay for public art. My experience as a Certified Public Accountant helped me bring legal and accounting standards to the attention of Council in support of ending the Percent for Art program. In June, Council voted to end the funding of the Percent for Art program.

Council Member Kailasapathy Stopped Proposed Fire Station Closings

Before I was elected, Council planned to close two fire stations. Working with Council members Jane Lumm, Sally Hart Petersen, Stephen Kunselman & Mike Anglin, we were successful in preventing Council from closing any more fire stations. In the 2014 budget, we were also able to add funding to hire four more firemen to our depleted fire service staff.
In speaking with my Ward 1 neighbors over the course of the past several years, I’ve come to understand that their concerns focus on certain basic ideas such as accountability and transparency in goverment decision-making, the need to prioritize spending to fund basic services, and for city government to support neighborhoods. Ward 1 residents want City Council to place a high priority on public safety and quality of life issues such as pedestrian safety.